Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shoes & Sandals

it's almost 2 years since we're together
for me this is just like a 'weird-fairy tale'

when prince who is not that handsome nor weight enough

with the lady who maybe almost like fiona on d'shrek movie

would end up together...
who am i to judge life

it's beyond my imagination

Banyak orang mungkin tak mempercayai qta
bahkan diri qta sdr pun meragukannya
atau mungkin beberapa mencemo'oh qta
dengan segala perbedaan yg mereka lihat

seolah termakan gosip murahan infotainment
atau terkungkung gaya hidup jaman kakek nenek..

but who are we going to blame..

they're not wrong..they're right..

'coz we're just like sandals and shoes
different !

mirip spt lagu 'aku-suka-jaipong-kau-suka-disko'

totally different one another
but once again
life just surprised us..

siapa sangka akan spt saat ini
bahkan qta pun sering bertanya..."kokkk bisaa ya??"

sambil geleng2 kepala..

but then i think again..
if we're just like sandals n shoes,
i will definitely need them to walk my path of life (with you)

*only the right person behind you can make the most of you